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drwf's Journal

gosh i am lazy

27 August 1986
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well i learned about this site when i was on the fanfic site and one of the authors had a link. I got a journal cause i wasnt allowed to read some of the fanfics unless i was logged in so here i am, and if i ask to be your friend i either like you (in a totally platonic way) or like your stories but usually both.
One the basic info
i live in hereford (its about and hour and a 1/2 from tucson and about 40min away from tombstone and bisbee)
I have 4 syblings one o f then ive only met ounce. The other 3 ive known all my life there are the twins (boy and girl) and then my lil bro Bazan. All of us have unique names.
Well thats all for now ill share more later.

Oh yeah my name is Nea